Nordic Treasures: Baltic States and Helsinki

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●●● Historical treasures in the midst of untouched nature - the Baltic States are full of secrets and invite you to exciting discoveries. Vilnius is considered a kaleidoscope of art and culture, Riga awaits us with its unique medieval center surrounded by Art Nouveau houses, and Tallinn impresses with towers steeped in history that tower over the Baltic Sea and a very special flair. In the coastal metropolis of Helsinki, classicism meets modernity and nonchalance. On this round trip you will experience the multifaceted nature of the Baltic States and the south of Finland in a small group. Stroll through the cities, get into conversation with locals and soak up the decelerated attitude to life.

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Arrival to Vilnius

DAY 1: -/-/A; Overnight in Vilnius

●●● Are you ready for your round trip through the Baltic States up to Helsinki? You will fly from your chosen departure airport to Vilnius, from where we will start our round trip together. Our transfer will take you from the airport to our first hotel of the round trip. At dinner you will get to know the fellow travelers of our small tour group and our adventure begins.


DAY 2: F/-/A; Overnight in Vilnius

●●● Whether Rome of the North or Jerusalem of the East is now more appropriate, you may find out for yourself today. After our panoramic drive, we'll plunge on foot into the winding cobbled alleys, discover hidden courtyards and majestic squares, and experience first-hand the different architectural styles of the various eras. Pastel-colored facades line up with pretty churches - Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles blend into one another, giving the old town an unmistakable flair. Richly decorated Catholic churches next to simple Protestant churches with high towers and Orthodox cathedrals with lavish decorations and onion domes - this colorful juxtaposition is just one of the reasons why UNESCO has declared the historic center of Lithuania's capital a World Heritage Site.

Vilnius has history - more than 1,500 historic buildings in the Old Town bear witness to this. And yet the city is modern, lively, young and dynamic. The country's largest university with twelve faculties, eight institutes and ten research centers attracts students from far and wide. Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture in 2009, and numerous fairs, theater performances and festivals take place every year.

During our drive through the city we stop at the ANTAKALNIS CEMETERY, the last resting place of thousands of soldiers from the time of the Napoleonic campaigns, the two world wars and the freedom fights in 1991. Afterwardswe drive to the PETER AND PAUL CHURCH, which is considered a pearl of the baroque and one of the most magnificent Catholic churches in the world .

After that we walk along GEDEMINAS ALLEY, the main street that connects the city center with the Cathedral Square and the Parliament building. We visit the impressive CATHEDRAL OF VILNIUS, which is part of the huge castle complex. The neoclassical facade from the late 18th century does not suggest at first sight that the church dates back to 1251. Over the centuries, it has been repeatedly damaged and each time rebuilt in a different style - one or two symbols of different stylistic eras have survived to the delight of visitors to this day.

We are working our way to the UNIVERSITY OF VILNIUS, which made the city an important cultural center of the Baltic region when it was founded in the 16th century. The predominantly Baroque historic halls and elaborate frescoes are particularly worth seeing. The mighty complex occupies an entire district in the Old Town and has a full twelve courtyards built over the last four centuries. The largest of these is the CHURCH OF JOHN, which, with its bell tower, is the highest building in the old town.

Not far from the old town is the so-called REPUBLIC OF UŽUPIS (engl. Republic behind the river). It is a district separated by the Vilnia River, which was declared an independent republic by its inhabitants - mainly artists and their families. Until the Second World War, Jews lived there in the majority. After the war, the abandoned houses fell into disrepair. After Lithuania's independence decades later artists came back, restored the buildings and brought a breath of fresh air to the district.

In the afternoon, an absolute highlight of our trip awaits us. We visit the WATER CASTLE TRAKAI, the only preserved Gothic water castle in Europe, whose history dates back to the 14th century. Only about 30 kilometers from Vilnius we find ourselves in the middle of a national park with 32 idyllic lakes and dense fir and birch forests. Trakai was once the seat of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. We visit a small exhibition of the Caraeans in Trakai Castle and afterwards the ruins of the castle on the peninsula, which was built in the 14th century as a defensive fortress against the German knights.

After an eventful day we go back to the hotel, where we can discuss and review the many collected impressions during dinner.

Kaunas, Siauliai, Rundale & onward journey to Riga

DAY 3: F/-/A; Overnight in Riga

●●● This morning we leave the current capital behind to explore the former capital of Lithuania. KAUNAS is located at the mouth of the Neris River on the Memel River and is the second largest city in the country. Its favorable location as a transportation hub helped the city gain strategic importance early on, and Kaunas had its heyday as a trading city in the 15th century as a member of the Hanseatic League. Even today, splendid boulevards from capital city times characterize the cityscape, the different architectural styles of the epochs are reflected in the facades. We visit the beautiful old town. Numerous sights such as the Neo-Byzantine Church with a magnificent view over the city, or the largest Gothic building in the country - the Basilica of Kaunas - await us.

The next stop on our onward journey is the world famous HILL OF CROSSES in Siauliai. Since the 14th century, Catholic pilgrims have come to this mythical place in the middle of the beautiful landscape to lay their crosses and rosaries as a sign of religious and national identity. By now, there must be more than 100,000 cross es there, from small crosses to colossal crucifixes - even Pope John Paul II has been here. We have time to explore the pilgrimage site before we cross the border into Latvia.

Arriving on Latvian soil, our first stop is the magnificent RUNDĀLE CASTLE. Standing in front of it, you will understand why it is called the Versailles of the Baltic. No less than the Russian architect and builder Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also designed the Erimitage in St. Petersburg, was commissioned to build it. He thus created the summer residence of the Duke of Courland-Semgallia in the Baroque and Rococo style.

Towards evening we arrive at our hotel in Riga, where we can already look forward to dinner.


DAY 4: F/-/A; Overnight in Riga

●●● Labrīt! Today we explore Riga is the largest and at the same time most cosmopolitan of the three Baltic capitals. Medieval Hanseatic city meets Art Nouveau - that's probably how Latvia's capital could be described. Due to its location on the great river Düna and only 10 kilometers from the east coast, Riga has been an important trading center since Viking times. In the time of the German merchants, the Latvian capital experienced its heyday.

We will stroll through the romantic Old Town and get a glimpse of, among other things, Riga Castle, which is one of the best preserved castles in Northern Europe and is now the presidential residence, and the beautiful Gothic St. Peter's Church, which was carefully restored after the bombings in World War II.

We visit the CATHEDRAL OF RIGA - Gothic masterpiece and the largest church in the Baltic States. Its gigantic organ is the largest in Europe and made the cathedral famous. It consists of four keyboards and no less than 6,700 pipes and was consecrated back in 1844.

With the CENTRAL MARKET Riga, another special highlight of our trip awaits us today. When it was opened in 1930, it was one of the most modern on the continent and even today farmers from all over Latvia come to offer their products. What makes the Central Market even more special, however, are the buildings in which it is housed. In fact, the Art Nouveau style pavilions are former Zeppelin hangars, which were built and used by the German army.

Our next stop is the ART NOUVEAU DISTRICT. You will quickly see from the cityscape why Riga is often referred to as the Art Nouveau capital of Europe. With more than 750 elaborately decorated buildings, the city as a whole presents the world's largest Art Nouveau collection. Alberta Street and Elizabeth Street in particular are considered the center of Art Nouveau in Riga . Here, one Art Nouveau building follows the next. The name of Alberta Street goes back to the founder of the city, Bishop Albert. Architects Mikhail Eisenstein, Konstantīns Pēkšēns and Eižens Laube had a special influence on the image of the street in the early years of the 20th century.

Our today's program we leave at Riga's famous city beach JURMALA at the end of the day. It is the largest seaside resort in the Baltic States, the white sandy beach, about 30 kilometers long, is often included in lists of the most beautiful beaches in Europe! It is lined by pine forests, dunes and the Lielupe River, which is also the natural border of the beach. It is hardly surprising that the resort has always attracted Riga's elite, who built their summer residences here. Especially in the Belle Époque period, one wooden house was built next to another. Today, most of the 3,500 or so of them are protected monuments.

As the sun slowly sets we make our way back to Riga, where we enjoy our dinner at the hotel.

Gauja Valley, Sigulda, Turaida, Cesis, Parnü & onward to Riga

DAY 5: F/-/A; Overnight in Tallinn

This morning we cross the border to Latvia. That we will explore the oldest and largest national park of the country today, that much is already certain. Whether it is also the most beautiful in Northern Europe or even in Europe, as it is often said, we leave this assessment to you! In the valley of the river GAUJA with all its tributaries and streams, with its gentle hills and dense forests and with its extraordinary caves, not only nature lovers will get their money's worth. The national park also has a great historical significance. The Finno-Ugric tribe of the Livonians settled in the Gauja Valley in the 11th century. Numerous wooden castles and fortresses date back to this period. The town SIGULDA is the center of the region and our first stop, on the opposite shore lies TURAIDA with its medieval castle.

With the GUTMANNSHÖHLE a special natural attraction awaits us. It is the largest and deepest cave in the Baltic States, which also made it the subject of many legends and stories. Maybe you have heard about the Rose of Turaida?

We continue to the medieval CESIS, the third oldest town in Latvia, former center of the Livonians, member of the Hanseatic League. The romantic alleys, charming old stone and wooden buildings and villas on the picturesque banks of the Gauja River testify to the long and varied history of the now much quieter town.

About 130 kilometers from Tallinn lies PÄRNU directly at the mouth of the river Pärnu into the Baltic Sea. The city has named itself the summer capital, because it fills with life every year, especially in the summer months - with the picturesque landscape, the beautiful sandy beaches and the forests behind hardly surprising!

Our last destination today is Estonia's capital TALLINN, where we will fall asleep after dinner at the hotel.


DAY 6: F/-/A; Overnight in Tallinn

●●● Tallinn is located on the northern coast of the country on the Gulf of Finland - directly opposite Helsinki, and is one of the oldest cities on the Baltic Sea. Its foundation in 1219 is attributed to Danish crusaders, which would also explain the origin of the name, translated Danish City. The city center shows traces of many different influences. After Estonia's independence in 1991, it was carefully restored.

We begin our explorations by bus in the coastal region around PIRITA, then we visit the KADRIORG PARK with the baroque KADRIORG CASTLE, former summer residence of Peter the Great.After that we make a wide split and look at the KUMU Museum of Modern Art from the outside.

During our subsequent walk through the city, you will certainly understand why Tallinn today is often praised as one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Its historic Old Town fascinates its visitors with its medieval city walls, old houses, high fortified towers, narrow cobblestone streets and church and spire towers lolling into the sky. Given the harmony of the urban ensemble and the enchanting flair, it is not surprising that Tallinn was the European Capital of Culture in 2011.

The old town consists of the cathedral hill TOOMPEA and the lower town ALL LINN. Estonia has always been governed from Toompea and even today the seat of parliament and government is located here. We visit the adjacent ALEXANDER NOVSKY CATHEDRAL and the CATHEDRAL. From BELVEDERE a breathtaking view of the city opens up before we slowly make our way down to All Linn. There, Renaissance and Baroque facades alternate with Hanseatic brick Gothic.

We stroll through the KALAMAJA DISTRICT - the traditional gateway to the Baltic Sea. The maritime past can be felt here on every corner. At the end of the district lies the old industrial complex of TELLISKIVI, which has now become probably the trendiest and most creative place in the city. Locomotives for the entire Soviet Union were once produced here; today, galleries, museums, theaters, vintage stores, hipster cafés, startup offices and coworking spaces can be found here.

The main station BALTI JAAM attracts sellers of all kinds of products since the end of the Soviet period. The place became known as the Russian market, in 2007 it was reopened in Balti Jaama Turg (engl./en "the Baltic Station Market), today it is a big street food market where traditional food mixes with modern creations and local crafts with second-hand fashion.

The OLAI CHURCH at 124 meters, is the tallest building in the city and a wonderful way to get a picture from above. Towards the end of the 16th century, it was even the tallest tower in the world for a while.

Our last program point today is the open air museum ROCCA AL MARE near a wooded area just outside Tallinn. Here, wooden houses from all parts of the country have been brought together to authentically depict rural life in Estonia in the 18th and 19th centuries.

After an impressive day, we will return to our hotel, where we will spend our last night in the Baltic States after dinner before continuing to Finland tomorrow.


DAY 7: F/-/A; Overnight in Helsinki

●●● Helsinki and Tallinn are separated by only a good 80 kilometers as the crow flies. We take the ferry and travel across the Gulf of Finland to the Finnish capital. Helsinki is a young, modern, vibrant city. Nordic minimalism paired with finesse, lots of greenery and big-city flair, that's how you could describe the city that repeatedly lands in the top rankings of the world's most livable cities.

Our exploration tour starts at the OLD PORT, where also the MARKETPLACE is located. Via the elegant Esplanadi Boulevard with beautiful terraces, boutiques and cafés, we cross the lively pedestrian zone of Alexanderstraße and finally arrive at probably one of the most beautiful main train stations in the world. The HELSINKI ASEMA dates back to 1919 and was built of granite in the style of Art Nouveau and National Romanticism. In the immediate vicinity is the FINNISH NATIONAL THEATER and the art museum ATENEUM.

Our walk leads us along the EXCHANGE which also does its business in an art nouveau building, to the SENATE SQUARE, where the statue of Tsar Alexander II watches over the autonomy of the Finns. Here are located a unique enseble of many important buildings. We will see the Senate building, the Government Palace, the National Library, the main building of the University, as well as the impressive HELSINKI CATHEDRAL. The neoclassical cathedral was built pretty much at the same time as St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg and is visually very similar to it.

Afterwards we will pass the northern harbor bay and arrive at the Jugenstil district KATANAJOKKA. The USPENSKI CATHEDRAL is the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe and was built of red brick in 1868.

In the afternoon we will make an excursion to the World Heritage Sea Fortress SUOMENLINNA. In 1747, this was built by the Swedish Crown as one of the largest island fortresses in the world to counter the growing threat from the Russian Navy. The location of the star-shaped fortress is anything but coincidental: six islands protect access to the port of Helsinki and the Baltic Sea via St. Petersburg and Finland. A military construction that aesthetically blends into the landscape in an archetectonic way is unique in this way. In summer, Suomenlinna is considered a favorite excursion destination and recreation area of the locals. After visiting the main fortress and the church, we have enough time to stroll through the paradisiacal island landscape before we head back to the mainland and end the day with dinner at the hotel.


DAY 8: F/-/A; Overnight in Helsinki

●●● On the Gulf of Finland about 50 kilometers from Helsinki lies the charming little town of PORVOO. Porvoo is not only the second oldest city in Finland, but also possibly (at least that's what they say) Finland's most charming city. Not much is left of its former importance as a trading town, today it is quiet, cozy and idyllic - but certainly not boring. Colorful traditional wooden houses, narrow winding streets, cute boutiques and cafes invite you to stroll and linger. We stroll through the historic center and take a look inside the CATHEDRAL OF PORVOO, before we return to HELSINKI drive. Use the rest of the day to buy some last souvenirs or just inhale the nordic lifestyle deeply.

At our last dinner together in the hotel we meet again and look back on a week full of experiences and review the collected impressions.

Journey home from Helsinki

DAY 9: F/-/-

●●● After eight exciting days we have to say goodbye to the North today. With a suitcase full of memories in the luggage we will go to Helsinki airport, from where you will start your journey home. On the plane at the latest, the pain of parting will hopefully already turn into pleasant memories!

Look forward to the following included services

●●● a sightseeing tour of VILNIUS with Antakalnis Cemetery, Peter and Paul Church , Cathedral, University Campus & Republic of Užupis.
●●● a sightseeing tour ofTRAKAI CASTLE on the Trakai Peninsula.
●●● a sightseeing tour of the historical center of KAUNAS
a a sightseeing tour of the famous Hill of Crosses in ŠIAULIAI
●●● a sightseeing of the CASTLE RUNDALE
a sightseeing tour of RIGA with the Central Market, St. Peter's Church (exterior view), Cathedral & Art Nouveau district
a visit to the historic spa town of JURMALA
a visit to the GAUJA National Park.
a sightseeing tour of SIGULDA
●●● a visit to the GUTMANNSHÖHLE
●●● a sightseeing of TALLINN including Pirita, Kadriorg quarters, Kalamaja quarter, Telliskivi quarter, Balti-Jaama market, Cathedral Hill, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Cathedral, observation tower & Lower Town.
●●● a visit to the open-air museum. ROCCA AL MARE
●●● a sightseeing tour of HELSINKI with the cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral & Suomenlinna Fortress.
●●● a sightseeing tour of PORVOO

Already included in Explore with us

✈️ FLIGHTS in economy class incl. 20 kg checked baggage and free check-in at the airport from your selected departure airport to Vilnius and return from Helsinki (if you have chosen the option own travel, the flights are not included)
🛏️ 8 OVERNIGHT STAYS in upper middle class hotels (4* superior of the respective country classification - see expected hotels below)
🚌 All listed in the program TRANSFERS in air-conditioned minibus or coach
⛴️ FLEET from Tallinn to Helsinki
🙋‍♀️ Accompanied by experienced German-speaking TRAVEL GUIDE

This is an all-inclusive round trip through Portugal by bus in a tour group. All of the above are already included in the tour price.
All taxes and duties are included in the price.

Expected flight connections**

Vienna Airport
16.07.2023 FR198 VIE-VNO 18:55-21:45 Ryanair (nonstop)
24.07.2023 FR9856 HEL-VIE 10:45-12:05 Ryanair (nonstop)

Expected hotels*

🛎️ 2 nights in VILNIUS: 4* Superior Hotel Courtyard Vilnius City Center
🛎️ 2 nights in RIGA: 4* Superior Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa
🛎️ 2 nights in TALLINN: 4* Superior Hotel Hestia Ilmarine
🛎️ 2 nights in HELSINKI: 4* Superior Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza

* These are prospective hotels with which our tour operator usually cooperates. Depending on the booking situation and availability, other hotels of the same category can be booked.
** Attention, these are expected flight connections. In exceptional cases, other connections with different flight times or airlines can be booked. We will of course always try to choose a pleasant option for you. In case of very late arrival in Lisbon, unfortunately, dinner cannot be served on day 1 (is adjusted in the price, we ask for your understanding). Flight times are local times (please note the time difference).
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